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Cheryl Cashman

"Turning Thirty"
The Factory Theatre - Toronto - 1978
National Tour, 1978-1990


Sister Mary Hortense


What the Critics said:

"Dazzling, incredible, astounding - Miss Cashman is a gifted daredevil."
Maureen Peterson,
The Montreal Gazette

"One of those rare artists whose simplicity finds her wrestling with greatness. She is a monologist of the quality of a Ruth Draper."
Jacob Siskind,
The Ottawa Journal

"Comedy sketches that are a more visually clownlike extension of Lily Tomlin's style of dramatic monologue."
Stephen Halden,
The New York Times

"Vivacious and luminous theatrical energy. Turning Thirty is an engaging way to celebrate any evening of your life."
Ray Conologue,
The Globe and Mail

"Superb, poignant, beguiling - a one-woman tour-de-force."
Liz Nicholls,
The Edmonton Journal

"Whether you're in your roaring twenties, turning thirty, pushing forty, flogging fifty, or sixty and holding, you're bound to enjoy Cheryl Cashman."
M. Leiren-Young,
Vancouver Arts & Entertainment

"An act of love that makes you feel like a different person after you have shared this experience."
Jacob Siskind,
The Ottawa Journal

"A hilarious irreverent, impudent... two hours of theatre. I'm glad I spent the evening with her."
William A. Raidy,
New York Star Ledger


Taken from the Virgin Clowns Show in Saltspring Island B.C., 1996
Leona is a living Kleenex and sings to God
in medleys because she can't sing any other way.

Shirley Ann

Shirley Ann is a 13 year old who has come from her hometown of Pembroke
to visit her cousin Louise in Toronto.
It is her first time in the big city.

Scene taken from, "Turning Thirty", at the Factory Theatre in Toronto,1978.


Jerome is an octogenerian who runs an underground railroad
for escapees from old age homes with a CB set that is attached to her walker.

Scene taken from, "Turning Thirty", at the Factory Theatre in Toronto, 1978

Shirley Anne




"Turning Thirty" Photography by Barb Sampson

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