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Cheryl Cashman

"Pushing Forty"
Vancouver East Cultural Centre - 1986
Toronto Workshop Productions Theatre-1987

What the Critics said:

"Cashman's funnier at 40 than she was at 30."
Kerry Moore,
Vancouver Province

"Opening night of Pushing 40, Cheryl Cashman's One-Woman Show at TWP Theatre proved to be a remarkable mix of off-beat comedy and uninhibited and moving soul-bearing. The latter was entirely unexpected and therefore all the more moving. As the last of the engaging Cashman oddballs departed she took the stage as herself, a flower child of yesteryear who was now a compassionate woman with a gift for taking wonderful flights of fantasy."
Wilder Penfield III,
Toronto Sun

"Cashman brings her off-the-wall made-in-Canada comedy sense to a cast of zany characters in her new one-woman show Pushing 40."
NOW Magazine,

"As a clown Cashman is both tremendously funny, and pleasantly profound."
M. Leiren-Young,
Vancouver Arts & Entertainment

"In 40, Cashman seems funnier; and her work more appealing. She takes on more challenges - with sketches that reveal Cashman's breathtaking grasp of emotional anguish."
Kerry Moore,
Vancouver Province

"There is something in each of Cashman's characters, with which we can all relate and laugh. We can have a lot of fun, and at the same time be stimulated by the laughter and sadness, of self-recognition."
John Palmer,
Toronto Revue

The Clown

Sonja from the Yukon - Pushing 40 Geraldine - Pushing 40 Mrs P - Pushing 40 Ambrose - Pushing 40
Sonja from the Yukon


Mrs Pudge


Mrs Pudge

Cheryl Cashman as Mrs. Pudge on the Dini Petty Show (1991)

(from the Yukon)

A clip from Cheryl's live theatre performance at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.


Geraldine is a wealthy Rosedale matron
who desperately wants to realize her lifelong dream of
going down to the Brunswick and singing on amateur night and singing.

Geraldine: "My life is a spectator sport.
I want to get right in the middle of it!
I want to get my hands dirty!
I want to squeeze it between my fingers like clay.
I want to rub shoulders.
I want to take the bus.
I want to dance in a room crowded and smelling of others of my kind and say,
Yes! we're here together on the same night, dancing to the same music
and Yes I love the laughter in your eyes!"

Scene taken from Cheryl's solo show, "Pushing Forty", in Vancouver B.C., 1986.

"Pushing Forty" Photography by Fred Rosenberg

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