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Cheryl Cashman

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"Outrageous Fortune"
Scenario by Cheryl Cashman
A collective Creation set in a retirement home
Fanshawe College - London Ontario - 2010

Couples                                               The Hairdresser

This play was performed by the graduating-year students of the Theatre Department. After a month of work on physical/vocal/ensemble exercises, and on the 'Life Studies' characterization technique, the students went out on observation - first to the crime-ridden downtown city core, and secondly to retirement homes in the city.

The first hour of the in-house presentation consisted of various street scenes,to which were added several scenes from the script 'Allan Gardens'.

The second consisted of scenes and monologues from the seniors whom the actors had spent time with, and into these were interspersed scenes from 'Outrageous Fortune' a play set in a retirement home which I was in the process of writing.

The performance was excellent, and the audience of staff, students and invited guests were both entertained and moved. A lively discussion followed, chaired by the head of the department, rounding out a vital evening in the theatre. I had taught the 'Life Studies' technique , followed by either an in-house showing or full production, for a full term (at Ryerson University, University of Ottawa and University of Regina), but found that including a facilitated discussion between audience and players after the show added an invaluable richness to the whole experience.

"Bingo!"                    "Bingo!"

"...and I heard she nearly got him into her bed."

"This steak died for you. Eat like you mean it!"

"Ethel - No more tantrums at Bingo
and no more tantrums at dinner."

"Allan Gardens"
A Collective Creation
Toronto Free Theatre - 1974

Cathy Jaxson

Marc Connors

Beth Kaplan

Nail Polish
Cathy Jaxon
Alex Dmitriev
Marc Connors
Alex Dmitriev
Marc Connors

Tweezers Lady
Cathy Jaxon

Allan Gardens Photography by Richard Gishler

"CITY The Toronto Show"
Theatre Passe-Muraille - Toronto - 1976

Toronto The City Show

Toronto The City Show

Toronto The City Show

"The Vancouver Show"
At the Waterfront Theatre - Vancouver (BC) - 1985

At the Royal Bar
"Don't yell - I'm blind, I'm not deaf ."

"She's such a scrag I tell you!"

"I'm with the pigeons all day
and you guys all night. It's like family."

"I wear this jacket
so they don't know I'm Indian."

At the Singles Bar

At the Retirement home
"I'd go crazy if I couldn't knit."

"One morning I woke up old"

"I was in England during the Blitz
and it hasn't worn off yet."

"Of course I have relatives -
you can't get born if you don't have relatives."

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