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Cheryl Cashman

Shows Directed

"The White Archer"
A one hour film for APTN
Pond Inlet, - Nunavut - Feb., Mar., April 2009

Pond Inlet - Nunavut

Play Director: Cheryl Cashman
Film Director: John Houston
Costume & Set Design for The Play: Cheryl Cashman
Play Costumes sewn by: Joanna Innualuk-Kunnuk
Outdoor Costumes designed by: Joanna Innualuk-Kunnuk
Cinematographer: Christopher Ball
Original Music: Marsha Coffey

The Play section of the film was the story as enacted by a group of Inuit Actors in their community hall. In rehearsal and shooting it comprised one half of the story - the rest being enacted and shot out on the land (using traditional Inuit garb).

At the studio in Halifax I realized quickly how inventive I would need to be. I made set and costume sketches and as Pond Inlet, like most northern communities, had but a small general store - I bought fabric for the costumes and set dressing, and swaths of material which I would use to simulate wind, water and blizzards in the 'Play' section of the film.

Sketches by Cheryl Cashman

The White Archer
Set for the Shaman's Igloo

The White Archer
Crossing by Mountains and Dark Water

The White Archer
Big Man tells his story

The White Archer
Musician - Marsha Coffey

I began the work in Pond Inlet by doing a one week workshop with the actors which included:

  • Physical/Vocal warm-ups and Improvisations
  • Inuit throat-singing and juggling songs
  • Inuit drumming and dancing
  • First Nations songs (Ben Penashue)
  • Choral/ensemble vocalizations

The company then worked with the material I had brought up to simulate water, wind and blizzards. We did (under the direction of Ben Penashue) make-up for the First Nations raid scene on the Inuit camp. We spent time on clarification and pronounciation of the text, as English was a second language for all of the Inuit cast and indeed the two elders in the cast spoke only Inuktitut. Lastly, when our brilliant composer and live musician Marsha Coffey arrived, we performed all the songs and even the sounds of various animals for her so that she could start composing her soundscapes.

Working and living with the people of Pond Inlet was an honour, and the experience of a lifetime for me.

Company Photo

Rehearsal Photos

Marsha Coffey

The Shaman's Igloo

The Blizzard

Big Man tells his Story

Sheena Akoomalik - David Quamaniq - Apak Maktar - Lamech Kadloo - Ben Penashue - Abbie Ootoova

The Snow Goose

Jacob Peterloosie - Lamech Kadloo - Ipellie Ootova

White Archer Photography by Cheryl Cashman

"Circus Gothic" - 1991
Written by Jan Kudelka
Theatre Passe Muraille - Toronto - 1978
The Theatre Resource Centre - Toronto - 1991

I first directed "Circus Gothic" when Jan Kudelka performed it as a one-woman show at Theatre Passe-Muraille in 1978. In a later version produced at The Theatre Resource Centre in 1991, I adapted it for 9 actors. The actors first play the newly-trained young clowns, and later the performers and roustabouts in the sleazy circus they join and tour with. The story is a powerful one, and the text of the play contains some of the most beautiful language I have ever been privileged to work with.

Circus Gothic
The Young Clowns

Circus Gothic
The Elephant

Circus Gothic
Marge-That circus brings death!

Circus Gothic
The generator shorts out

Circus Gothic
The bar in Oromoncto

Circus Gothic
Watching Elephants by Moonlight

Circus Gothic
Miss Virginia and Big Bob

Circus Gothic
Lump, The Circus Cat

Circus Gothic
Eddie Rawls walks the Tightrope

Circus Gothic
In the Aftermath of the Tornado

Circus Gothic Photography by Lee Wildgen

A collective creation made from the paintings of the Group of Seven.
Penguin Productions - Ottawa - 1979

Spring Breakup

In the Womb of Winter



By Moonlight



First Snowfall


Between Worlds

Final Image

"Where is the Voice Coming From?"
Factory Theatre - Toronto - 1978
About the clashes between white settlers
and aboriginal tribes

(adapted from the short stories
of Rudy Wiebe)
Marc Connors
Ian Wallace
Kim Renders
Maureen White
Lee Wildgen

These photos of the aftershow discussion with: Ann Skinner, Linda Rabin, Bill Glassco, Rudy Wiebe, Richard Pochinko, and the director and cast, are indicative of a highly creative era in theatre in Toronto, when people came to see and discuss each others' work, and were as excited about other artists work as their own

Anne Skinner   Cheryl Cashman
Linda Rabin   Ian Wallace

Ian Wallace   Linda Rabin   Marc Conners   Bill Glassco

Bill Glassco   Cheryl Cashman
Rudy Wiebe

Richard Pochinko   Rudy Wiebe   Maureen White

Where is the Voice Coming From Photography by Dennis Hayes

"City" The Toronto Show"
Theatre Passe-Muraille - Toronto - 1975

choreography by
Cheryl Cashman and Company

Act One consisted of characters in different sections of Toronto- bars, strip clubs, lunch counters and upscale restaurants, subways and streetcars,and actors went into the suburbs to interview and observe people. Using the Life Studies approach of coming to neutral, then internalizing a character-or doing a complete body mask of the person - the act was a reality-based portrait, in scenes and sequences, of the city.

Act Two made the metamorphosis into portraying the characters in mask. A 14-foot puppet of Metro chairman Paul Godfrey (by Puppetmongers Powell) auditioned the masked characters for entrance into his New City, and the whole second act climaxed in a dance and singing sequence played live by composer John Mills-Cockell on synthesizer,and the powerful final sequence brought the audience spontaneously to the stage to dance with the actors."

John Mills-Cockell

"The Tempest"
Theatre Passe Muraille - Toronto - 1974

Marc Connors - Dennis Hayes
Jo Leslie - Judy Jarvis

Howie Cooper - Paul Kellman - Frank Canino

Frank Canino - Lisa Hicks

Robert O'Ree - Allan Booth - Richard Gishler

Jacques Tati - Lisa Hicks

Frank Canino - Dennis Hayes

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