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Cheryl Cashman

Clown Shows Directed

The following Clown Shows were directed by Cheryl Cashman, following her teaching of a Clown Intensive with the performers.

"Virgin Clowns"
Salt Spring Island - Arts Theatre - 1996

"Nothing was sacred during the Virgin Clowns kaleidoscope of characters and caricature. There were inner children given free rein in clown guise, erotic sketches which kept the audience in stitches, and too many sparkling gems of gesture, expression and wit to convey by words alone."
'The Virgin Clowns' Valorie Lennox - Theatre Review, Gulf Islands News, May 15/1996.

Virgin Clowns
Laurie Clarke - Susheela Myers

"The Virgin Clowns show expands our humanity, celebrating the darkness and the light of what it means to be a human being. Aimed at adults and the child within them, the clown is innocence after experience, the rediscovery of uninhibited play , after the pressures and losses of growing into adulthood"
'The Virgin Clowns' Valorie Lennox - Arts and Entertainment, Gulf Island News, May 8/1996.

Susan Cogan Patrick Cassidy - Susan Cogan
Ingrid Bauer Laurie Clarke - Ramesh Myers

Photography by
Uri Cogan

"Christmas Vaudeville"
Capitol Theatre - Nelson (BC) - 1989

Cheryl Cashman    
    Jeanette Grittani
Evvie Clair Evvie Clair - Sandy Clan

"The clown is as irreverent as the child who saw that the Emperor had no clothes. Clowns are perhaps the best exponents of the Christmas message: the Carnival people are the itinerants, gypsies and outcasts for whom Jesus had a particular affection. No room at the inn for these brethren. Christmas and clown share a humble nobility."
'A Christmas Vaudeville' Margaret Stacey - On Stage , Nelson Daily News,Nov.1/1989.

"In this world of moonlight and shadows, anything can happen. Here we find talking sheep, squabbling angels, hats pulled from a plastic garbage bag that one by one begin to sing Christmas carols. Then we have acrobats and unicycles, a clown band and a wonderful clown angel with bright red underpants on a trapeze."
'A Christmas Vaudeville' Sandra Hartline-Theatre Review, Nelson Daily News, Nov.22/89.

"Clowns Hold up Half the Sky"
Theatre Energy - Nelson (BC) - 1986

"A turn involving a scandalous red evening glove, which causes an otherwise well-bred lady to commit socially unacceptable acts, echoes a favourite Cashman theme of the battle between propriety and wickedness. Generally, however, the individual creativity of each clown is encouraged to shine forth in its' own distinctive fashion. We are unlikely to see a performance as original, funny, and intelligent as this one for a while."
'Clowns Hold Up Half the Sky' Deb Thomas - Theatre Review, Nelson Daily News, Apr./1986.

"The Masks segment, an intriguingly different style of theatre, was was a skilful change of pace between the hilarity of the sketches and the farce of the fairy tale. The colorful, imaginative masks are the creation of the clowns themselves and reveal inner facets of each clown's personality, in their portrayal of contemporary and ancient archetypes - an unloved child, a devil, a judge."
'Clowns Hold up Half the Sky' Deb Thomas - Theatre Review, Nelson Daily News, Apr./1986.

"The audience was treated to an outrageous, deliciously risqué, sometimes moving and tender, often uproariously funny evening of director Cheryl Cashman's unique brand of clowning."
'Clowns Hold Up Half the Sky' Deb Thomas - Theatre Review, Nelson Daily News,Apr/86.

"A Nuclear Revue"
University of Regina Theatre - 1984

Nuclear Revue Nuclear Revue
Tango Turn
Janine Pearson
Janine Pearson
Nuclear Revue Nuclear Revue
Harvey Gold
Geisha Turn
Neil Gordon-Lees
Nuclear Revue Nuclear Revue
Fallout Shelter Turn
Ian Wallace

The Children Confer
Cheryl Cashman and Neil Gordon-Lees

"The Nuclear Review" Photography by Rick Ash

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