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The Canadian Duroc is used as a terminal line to produce market hogs with consistently high quality meat and carcasses. Progeny from Duroc sired pigs have a high percentage of lean meat and superior meat quality characteristics including color and marbling. Maximum hi-bred vigor is achieved when Duroc boars are crossed with the Canadian F1 Yorkshire x Landrace female line producing positive results in various traits, including growth and viability. This cross also produces highly uniform progeny, ideal for the slaughterhouse. The Canadian Duroc is very efficient at converting feed to meat, with excellent growth rates. It is exceptionally adaptable to all environmental conditions. Studies have proven that the Duroc breed produces the best carcasses in today's pork production industry. It is the most popular terminal line in the Canadian Breeding program today and a key ingredient in Canada's very successful pork export sales. Many of the Duroc breeding lines found in the leading pig producing countries originate from Canada.

Purebred Duroc Boar
Duroc Boar

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