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Genetics and Health

The Duroc breed remains the best choice of terminal sire lines in commercial production systems. The hybrid vigor is maximal when Duroc boars are used on F1 gilts. When compared to other breeds, the results area positive effect on several traits such as growth and viability. Many trials have shown the advantage of the Duroc breed for growth and feed conversion, and confirmed advantage of this breed for meat quality. Also, the Duroc breed brings interesting advantages to hardiness and social behavior. As a terminal sire the Duroc produces the best carcass quality with high dressing yield. The Duroc contribution is the best pork quality with the marbling, tenderness and juiciness which are all important considerations. Select Canadian Purebred Duroc as the terminal sire line.

The Canadian breeding program is still the best - Using Canadian Yorkshire/Canadian Landrace female to produce the F1 commercial gilts. The Yorkshire/Landrace is proven scientifically and accepted internationally as the top female line and is the best for carcass and maternal traits.

The Yorkshire and Landrace dam and Duroc sire is the simple genetic program that produces the most uniform commercial growing, finishing pig as well as the most consistent carcass in the slaughterhouse.

It is for these reasons that Canada is the largest exporter of pork worldwide

Duroc Boar


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