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Purebred Breeds
Canadian Yorkshire
(or Large White)

The Canadian Yorkshire (or Large White) is the most popular breed of swine in Canada. The Canadian Yorkshire crossed with a Canadian Landrace produces a highly prolific hybred F1 Female fo use in commercial production. Canadian Yorkshire provide excellent ecinomic returns due to their characteristics of proven leanness, growth rate, feed conversion efficiency and undisputed proloficacy, that have been enhanced through selection and genetic evaluation programs. Males are virile and agressive breeders, while females are known for their milking ability and for farrowing large litters of strong, vigorous piglets. With its high carcass quality, the Canadian Yorkshire plays an important role in maintaining consumer demand for high quality pork. Canadian Yorkshire are internationally recognized an being lean, fast growing and highly adaptable, without sacrificing its excellent maternal traits and capabilities.

Purebred Yorkshire Boar
Yorkshire Boar

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