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The Canadian Landrace is the most prolofic breed of swine found in Canada. When crossed with the Canadian Yorkshre, the best possible female line is produced. The Canadian Landrace female used in purebred and crossbreeding programs, is wel known for it's excellent maternal abilities, temprement, longevity and prolific reproduction. The boars are dependable breeders and have an excellent temprement making them easy to work with. The Canadian Landrace has been rigorously selected for strong feet and legs to make it very durable and adaptable to a variety of management and climactic conditions. This breed is also highly desirable for its average daily gain, feed conversion and leanness. The Landrace is a well muscled white breed noted for its length, hig quality carcass and high percentage of lean meat.

Purebred Landrace Boar
Landrace Boar

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