At A BEST FRIEND INC., we see our clients as our friends, and always aim to build long-lasting relationships with all of them. See what some of our valued clients throughout London and surrounding areas had to say about our services.

"Every other week I look forward to A BEST FRIEND INC. coming to my house. They are friendly with my kids and to my adorable dog, no matter how much she barks at the ladies. I have been given the time to spend with my family, and I can't thank A BEST FRIEND INC. enough for this. They have gone above and beyond my expectations and are always willing to work around my busy family's schedule. Thank you for making my life easier and more enjoyable."

"I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful clean my home got today. Your staff were quiet, I hardly knew they were here. I was quite impressed. So often these days we only hear negative thoughts and this was definitely a great experience for me. I don't know if it is possible but I would love to set up weekly service instead of bi-weekly."
Beth, North London

continued commitment can be seen through the highest quality standards of service. We strive to provide personal service remaining in constant contact with our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.

"Your crew has done a great job! They went above and beyond. Everything is back in place, looks terrific and even smells clean. Thanks so much for getting this done."
Lynda, Wortley Village

"As you are aware, I am very fussy. I just got home and my house is unbelievably spotless. A BEST FRIEND did an amazing job and it is so very much appreciated. I am very impressed with A BEST FRIEND'S Cleaning Professionals (professional being the operative word) Thank you Thank you Thank you and your teams are truly A BEST FRIEND."
Kathy, Riverbend

"Your cleaning ladies do an absolutely stellar job week in and week out."
Jennifer, Byron

"I highly recommend your cleaning services, always reliable."
Lillian, St.Thomas

"It is so nice to come home after a long day at work and walk into a sparkling house and smell the crisp clean smell!!! A BEST FRIEND gives me more free time to enjoy my weekends and evenings with my family and friends where I used to spend the weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom. What a gift! The gift of time!!! Thanks so much for what you do and the level of service you provide. I recommend A BEST FRIEND to every busy person or parent!"
Meghan, Byron

Sparkling Clean
"I have had several cleaning services, but I have never been as satisfied and even surprised as I have been by the services of A BEST FRIEND. Your employees have gone above and beyond what I could EVER have expected, even doing my walk-in master closet, when I didn't even request that. Everything is always sparkling clean, things are put back where they belong, (which always seemed to be an issue), and you can see the extra effort put into making it even better than "Just Right"!! I thank you all very much - A BEST FRIEND has a client for life!"
Kathy, Old South London