Rosemary Brennan has worked as an IT consultant and project manager for the past 25 years. She is a dynamic professional with excellent - and proven - client relationship skills. Rosemary has successfully managed multiple complex projects simultaneously in the financial services and insurance industries. She was even recently nominated for a Woman of Distinction award. Her passion and hard work show up in her private life as well, and her personal interests express a lot about who she is. She is an energetic and creative gardener and decorator, committed mother and truly the kind of caring and thoughtful best friend that few people can match.

Rosemary's personal interest in A BEST FRIEND INC. is the result of years of visits and friendship with an elderly friend who recently passed away, yet remains very close to her heart. When it came time for Rosemary to name her new business, it was only fitting that she call it "A Best Friend" Inc., in her memory.

continued commitment can be seen through the highest quality standards of service. We strive to provide personal service remaining in constant contact with our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.