Residential Cleaning Services London, Ontario

A BEST FRIEND INC.'s Residential Cleaning Services can be established on a daily, weekly, weekend, bi-weekly, monthly or per request basis. We will take the time to meet with you to match your requirements to our services. When we meet with you we will discuss what you would like and provide appropriate options for you, so that when we do the clean you will be amazed at the detailed work which our staff will perform. HIRING THE RIGHT INDIVIDUALS MAKES THE DIFFERENCE AND IS PARAMOUNT TO OUR SUCCESS.


We will work with your scheduling requirements, and will adapt as necessary. You may prefer to be at home while we clean or you may choose to be away. Although it's not necessary for you to be home, we encourage you to carry on, as you would normally, if you do stay, as we are accustomed to activity within the home and will work quietly and efficiently. We can accommodate whatever your requirements may be.


A BEST FRIEND INC. has a Quality Control and Inspection process in place for all our customers. We strive to remain in constant contact, with our clients, to ensure their complete satisfaction. A BEST FRIEND INC. makes every effort to employ the right people, train them accordingly and then continue to keep them motivated. We look forward to long lasting relationships with our staff and contractors. Principally we believe that hiring the right individual makes the difference and is paramount to our mission and our success with our clients.


All clients can be provided with A BEST FRIEND INC.'s Cleaning Specifications and Requirements which details the cleaning tasks which will take place and their frequency. Both the client and our staff are very clear as to the extent of the cleaning. The schedule is worked out in consultation with the customer. Our methods of quality control ensure that these are carried out to the high standards which we both demand and expect from our staff.


Are your hands full planning that big dinner party? Ease your mind with a call to A BEST FRIEND INC. We offer a Same Day Service Package that is the answer to your immediate home cleaning NEEDS. Your guests will marvel at your clean home and can take all the credit - without the extra legwork.


A BEST FRIEND INC. understands how important it is for you to have your property professionally cleaned and checked. Our Move In - Move Out or Spring nd Fall Deep Cleaning Service is a thorough, detailed cleaning which includes everything in a routine cleaning and much, much more. We offer a level of custom service, to quality minded clients, which is second to none. This service is carried out by dedicated teams of cleaning staff whose specialaties are properties in need of a thorough deep clean, at the end of a tenancy, before the start of a new one.

A BEST FRIEND INC. has carried out Hundreds of Move In Move Out cleans. We have an extensive checklist outlining the cleanliness standards required by Property Management Companies to assist our cleaning crews. If you are moving and need a thorough cleaning call A BEST FRIEND INC. and ask for our Deep Clean Move In Move Out Cleaning Service, then rest assured that every inch of your property will be professionally cleaned and polished.

In addition to a deep cleaning service, we can also provide - Unpacking/settling in assistance or help with setting up your kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/rooms/office

(but are not limited to)

- Conquering the clutter
- Getting rid of unneeded items
- Finding a storage space for everything and making the most of limited space
- Bringing you peace at home and simplifying your life
- Shopping for storage supplies