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Swine Health - Freedom From Disease

Canada has earned a global reputation as a country that places great importance on animal health. All members of Canada's swine industry share an ongoing commitment to animal health, as freedom from disease is essential to the efficient production of swine in today's intensive production environment.

This commitment to excellence in animal health research has given Canada an impressive record in keeping serious swine diseases, including foot-and-mouth disease, rinderpest, swine brucellosis, hog cholera, vesicular disease and pseudorabies out of the country. The Canadian government has controls and eradicates such diseases through quarantine and slaughter to ensure they will never become established in this country.

As well, regular health surveys are conducted by Agriculture Canada through the collection of blood samples at all federal government inspected slaughter plants. This provides continual up-to-date monitoring of the health of the Canadian herd.

The incidence of Porcine Stress Syndrome (PSS) has been reduced to such a level that it is considered to be one of the lowest in the world.

All serological tests performed for the export of livestock are done in federally accredited laboratories. In addition, the inspection, testing and certification of all offshore export consignments is done by full time government veterinarians to ensure the integrity of the export health certification process and to verify that all shipments meet the import health requirements of the buyer's country.

Canada's dedication to animal health ensures that purchasers may be totally confident that a Canadian animal is a wise investment. This precise application of modern veterinarian science enables the most discriminating importers to buy from the Canadian herd with complete confidence in the health of their purchases.egistrations, our major breeds include the Yorkshire (44%), Landrace (33%), Duroc (14%), Hampshire (7%), the Lacombe and smaller populations of other breeds. Each breed is characterized by its own unique attributes relating to litter size, growth rate, feed conversion, carcass structure and composition.

Swine health - Freedom from Disease

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