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Canadian Swine Breeders Association
Canadian Swine Breeders Association Canadian Swine Breeders Association
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    4K Farms breeds and raises Purebred Berkshire pigs naturally with love and without antibiotics, nitrates, or growth hormones.

  • AAFC - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

    A very comprehensive, bilingual web site with topic selections for acts and regulations, government online databases and directories, farm financial programs, research and technology, inspection and other services, and publications. Their web server is also home to 17 other web sites of related agencies and associations.

  • APC - Alberta Pork Congress

    This site contains all of the information about the largest swine trade show in Western Canada, held each year in Red Deer, Alberta.

  • APHIN - Animal and Plant Health Information Network

    APHIN, which is based at the Atlantic Veterinary College, PEI, is a program monitoring the health of swine herds in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

  • CCSI - Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement

    CCSI is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to enhance the ability of the Canadian swine industry to compete globally by providing a range of services to improve our swine genetics. CCSI coordinates the Canadian National Swine Improvement Program, and even maintains an Internet searchable database of more than 1.6 million Canadian pigs. Their web site outlines services and projects revolving around genetic improvements.

  • CFAGRF - Canadian Farm Animal Genetic Resources Foundation

    The Canadian Farm Animal Genetic Resources Foundation was founded in 1996 with it's mission to support the conservation of farm animal genetic resources and assure there is an adequate reservoir of bio-diversity for future needs.

  • CFIA - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  • CIPQ - Centre d'insémination porcine du Québec (CIPQ)

    The largest Canadian porcine insemination center, CIPQ, was created in 1977. The enterprise, under the direction of Mr. Ronald Drapeau, agronomist and general manager, employs 115 employees whose objective is to provide the pig producers with the best material and porcine insemination service available.

  • CDPQ - Centre de Développement du porc du Québec inc.

    CDPQ's site describes their main activities, and provides a list of the principal resources involved in swine production in Quebec. Its mission is to promote the development and use of leading edge technologies to improve the quality, efficiency, and profitability of the Quebec pork industry while respecting the environment.

  • CLRC - Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

    CLRC is the national pedigree service for both purebred and non-purebred livestock in Canada. Established since 1905, the organization falls under the Animal Pedigree Act, and has around 50 member associations for which animal registrations are being maintained.

  • CPC - The Canadian Pork Council

    The CPC provides a national leadership role for hog producers in achieving a dynamic and prosperous pork industry in Canada. Their site contains a detailed statistical review of Canada's pork industry, bimonthly update reports, pork nutrition facts, and test your knowledge of the industry by playing pork trivia!

  • CPI - Canada Pork International

    Established in 1991, Canada Pork International is the export promotion agency of the Canadian pork industry. This site contains industry related information including pork imports and exports, hog health, processing and marketing, and sections on nutrition and members.

  • CSEA - The Canadian Swine Exporters Association

    The CSEA is a national association representing top swine exporters to market and promotes Canadian swine genetics worldwide. This site highlights their members, key events, and links to other swine related web sites.

  • OSI - Ontario Swine Improvement Inc.

    OSI's site maintains an A.I. Boars list for viewing and ordering semen. As well, OSI provides A.I. products and services, including training and consulting.

  • OMAF - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food

    A newly renovated web site, viewers will discover the products and services available from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. This site features statistics, publications, a comprehensive trade updates/policy & issues section, and information on the province's $15 million Grow Ontario Investment Program.

  • PTC - Pig Trace Canada

  • PSCI - Prairie Swine Centre Inc.

    The mission of the PSCI is to provide a centre of excellence in research, education and technology transfer, directed at efficient, sustainable pork production. The site summarizes some of its current research efforts in the areas of nutrition, engineering and behavior.

  • SEPQ - La société des éleveurs de porc du Québec

Other Useful Links

Swine Breeds - Histories of various swine breeds in the U.S.