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Life Between Lives
Have you ever wondered why you are here, where you came from and where you are going, after you die? You are not alone. Since the beginning of time, humanity has been asking these same questions.

While Afterlife literature (such as Near Death Studies) and mediumship give us insights into non-physical existence, very few methods offer us direct personal experience of what life is like on The Other Side. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, also known as Interlife regression is one such process. During this 3 hour deep trance hypnosis session you will rediscover memories of the Afterlife, reunite with soulmates and spirit guides, revisit spiritual settings where souls go after death and access information related to your pre-birth soul contract. Your purpose on Earth, the reason for choosing your human family, how you choose another body are some of the many topics addressed during this potentially life altering experience.

Past Life Regression
For those interested in exploring the mind, body, spirit connection, Dr. Meagher also offers Past Life Regression sessions. The therapeutic benefits of this type of modality have clearly been demonstrated by such pioneers as Dr. Brian Weiss and others. A Past Life Regression session begins with a brief discussion regarding the desired purpose of the session. This can either be for therapeutic reasons or simply for greater knowledge of Self. The discussion with the client is followed by an induction and an exploration of two to three past lives, relative to the presenting issue to be resolved or the knowledge to be uncovered. Much healing of mind, body and spirit can occur through this process, as the lessons from the past are brought to the surface and contextualised, in the present.

Akashic Clearing
Access 3 abbreviated past lives and clear what your soul has been wanting to heal for many lifetimes.

Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction
Dr. Meagher teaches his clients how to harness the Law of Attraction in order to rewrite their life story. He specializes in helping clients move up the emotional scale, thereby improving their physical body, creating financial security and attracting fulfilling relationships. He achieves this by employing advanced hypnosis tools and techniques.

The initial hypnosis session includes a discussion of the presenting problem, a brief explanation of hypnosis and a suggestibility test to familiarize the client with the process. This is followed by relaxation techniques, known by hypnotists as 'the induction phase', followed by the actual therapeutic work, in hypnosis. Positive suggestions to be done as homework are usually given at the end, in order to heighten the beneficial effects from the session

Journey to the Source

Travelling through the tunnel and into the white light, while in an deeply relaxed state, you will have the opportunity to converse with loved ones, spirit guides and angels.

Initial Session 90 minutes
Followup Session 60 minutes
Package of
3 Followup Sessions
60 minutes each
Past Life Regression 2 hours
Akashic clearing 1 hour
Life between Lives 3 hours
Journey to the source 45 minutes

How to Book a Session

Located in Ingersoll, Ontario, you can reach Dr. Julien Meagher by phone at (519) 719-6285 or by email at jmeagher8@gmail.com.

Please Note: * Presenting issues vary in severity, some are resolvable in a single session, others require longer. * All fees, which are subject to change, are to be paid by cash or cheque only. * Clients are asked to please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to their session, in order to fill out a short intake form.

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