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Welcome to storytelling hypnosis. Like all great works of fiction, our life reads like a novel. As the author of this magnificent tale, you have the power to change it. No matter where you are along the emotional scale, ranging from powerlessness to joy, I can assist you in making your life story the most fun and exciting adventure possible.

You need not be limited by guilt, fear or anger. I will teach you the tools and techniques to put you back in the driver's seat, as the author, main character and narrator of one of the greatest stories ever told: the story of You!
Dr. Julien Meagher
Julien Meagher PhD. B Ed. CH
As a Ph.D. student studying the Afterlife in French Fantasy Literature, Dr. Julien Meagher was astonished when a series of synchronicities, mirroring what he was researching, began making their way into his life experience. His skepticism was eroded when, shortly after searching for a book on metamorphosis and deep in thought about how 'the perfect example of metamorphosis in the animal kingdom is the butterfly' his eyes lit up on a real butterfly, which had miraculously landed on the poster of a butterfly, conveniently pasted to the door of the library. Through this synchronicity he suddenly understood that just like the novels we read, we too are the authors and main characters of our own life story. A door had opened... How we create our reality has led Dr. Meagher to embark on a more meaningful phase in his hypnosis career, empowering clients, through their own experiential knowledge, to become the conscious authors of their personal life experience. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, Julien Meagher, Ph.D. is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Ontario College of Teachers. Dr. Meagher conducts experiential workshops and seminars, as well as holding private hypnosis sessions from his office in London, Ontario.
Meta Physical:
I am a very cynical person, perhaps stemming from my years of being steeped in academia. I am also curious. I visited Dr Julien Meagher for the first time last year to experience a 'journey to the source'. To my surprise and great delight I discovered that this journey answered a lot of my lifelong questions. Dr Julien, with his gentleness, patience and compassion has opened up a new world to me. My life is richer and I am blessed with a sense of peace I have longed for all my life. Thanks Dr Julien, from the bottom of my heart, Rev Maeve Armstrong-Harris

Habit breaking:
"I've been a cigarette smoker for almost 20 years, and have tried various quitting methods in the past with temporary success - usually accompanied by severe irritability and other withdrawal symptoms. I wasn't sure how hypnosis would work any differently, but decided it was worth a try. To my amazement, Dr. Julien Meagher used his intuitive abilities to access my subconscious mind, and was able to address the hidden root causes of the continuous smoking addiction. Dr. Meagher also addressed my "fears" about quitting in the session, and even incorporated an "anchoring" technique to help get through some possible tempting moments... Even in the first month of quitting, since the hypnosis session, I have truly not craved a cigarette even once, which is absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend Dr. Julien Meagher!!!" A.V.

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