• Sunday School and Nursery
  • Senior Choir
  • Unified Board
  • Scholarships
  • Community Outreach: (Good Samaritan Cupboard, contributor to the Faith Community Reintegration Program of the Mennonite Central Committee,  weekly Out-of-the-Cold Meals, UCC Mission and Services Program, Lay Visitation, Quintin Warner House, London Innercity Faith Team)
  • Site for community social services (Alcoholics Anonymous, Recovery Inc.)
  • Sunday Congregational Breakfasts
  • Church Library


Church School: Sunday School for children ages 4-12 years meets during the worship service.  Supervised nursery care (NB-3) can be provided during the worship service upon request. Contact the Sunday School Coordinator at 519-453-5432.

Two Views of Church Nursery

(photos courtesy of Mary Ann Conn)

Senior Choir: An adult ensemble choir of 8 to 12 members under the leadership of Mr. Norman D. Abbott provides a ministry of diverse sacred music at regular Sunday Worship and special services such as Good Friday and Christmas Sunday. The choir also collaborates with choirs of other churches in the area in presenting musical events. Regular rehearsals are on Thursdays from 7:30 until 9:30 pm.

Unified Board: Church activities are managed through the regular meetings of six committees of the Unified Board: Spirituality (includes Christian Growth & Development as well as Membership & Visitation), Stewardship, Property, Ministry & Personnel, Trustees, and Outreach & Social Justice). There are several subcommittees, such as Rental and Accessibility. Ad hoc committees are formed as required. The Board meets on the second Saturday of February, April, June, September, October, November and December at 10:15 am; the committees meet at 9 am or at their convenience. The Executive of the Board (Chairs of Committees) meets as needed at the call of the Chair.

Scholarships: With the financial assistance of generous benefactors the congregation of Dundas Centre and its community can access educational opportunities in music through the Dundas St. Centre Choral Scholarship (proceeds of the Lottie Brown Choral Fund and the Alan and Jean Coote Choral Fund are administered by the London Community Foundation) See description below under 'Choir and Choral Scholarships').

Social Justice and Environmental Awareness.  The Outreach & Social Justice Committee is involved in or oversees many of the community outreach programs of our church.  Examples of such programs include the Good Samaritan Cupboard, Out-of-the-Cold Meals, promotion of the United Church of Canada's Mission and Services Programs, membership on the London Innercity Faith Team, and contributions to the Faith Community Reintegration Program of the Mennonite Central Committee (providing hampers of moving day essentials to individuals recently released from prison).  We organize Sunday breakfast talks for the congregation, focusing on topics of social justice or environmental concern. On occasion we will host a potluck meal followed by a talk and discussion of issues of special interest to our church community.

Sunday Breakfasts: Invited speakers address a wide range of topics following church breakfasts provided by church volunteers.

Church Library: The Taylor Library is open Sundays with a wide variety of religious books, magazines, audio-cassette and videotapes for children and adults.

Outreach Activities

Good Samaritan Cupboard: This is a social outreach program established in the 1950s. Clients are referred to us by Social Service and Health Care agencies in London and surrounding communities. Faithful and diligent volunteers provide clothing and household supplies to adults and children in need. Volunteers meet every Monday all year round (except for statutory holidays)  to sort and refurbish donations of clothing, bedding and kitchen supplies and to fill orders for needy referrals coming from agencies such as The Men's Mission and My Sister's Place.

Out-of-the-Cold Hospitality Meal: In collaboration with volunteers from other churches and interested individuals, including students completing their volunteer hours, a hot meal is provided for those in need on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 pm starting the first week of  October and ending the last week of May.  Four teams of volunteers each with its own cook, prepare and serve a hearty soup, chili or casseroles with bread, fresh vegetables, coffee/tea/milk/juice and dessert. This program is coordinated with similar programs at other London churches so that those in need can access a hot evening meal on all days of the week.

United Church of Canada Mission and Services Programs: Our congregation provides financial support to national and international relief through the London Conference of Middlesex Presbytery. For example, we have contributed aid to the Bluefields Project in Nicaragua, water projects throughout the world, hurricane relief, tsunami relief support in southeast Asia, and earthquake assistance in Pakistan.

Lay Visitors: An ad hoc committee of lay persons coordinated by the Minister visit our sick and shut-ins bringing newsletters, flowers at Christmas and Easter.

Quintin Warner House (477 Queen's Avenue; 519-434-8041): Our church through personal contact and staff support, addresses the spiritual needs of the residents and graduates of this substance-abuse treatment centre sponsored by Mission and Services of London. Residents meet Monday and Wednesday afternoons for a game of volley ball in the church gym.  There is also a Spirituality meeting for residents in the church Chapel on Tluesdays from 10"30 am to 12 noon. The staff and residents of Quintin Warner House routinely volunteer services to our church and participate in Sunday services. We make every effort to welcome them into an extended church family.

London Innercity Faith Team (LIFT): Our church is one of nine downtown churches on this ecumenical team that oversees the operation of three affordable housing apartment buildings with 75 apartments.  Prospective tenants apply through the City of London's Housing Access Centre for two of the buildings - LIFT House, 446 Queens Avenue, and Elaine Lucas Place, 749 Little Simcoe Street.  Tenants for Victory Place 446 King Street, come to LIFT from CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association-Middlesex).  The original ideals of LIFT Council, now dissolved, of responding, in faith, to the social needs of the community we serve will be addressed by our LIFT Housing Committee.

We also provide space for the following social outreach groups and interact with them at the church on a regular basis:

- Alcoholics Anonymous: Meetings are on Wednesdays at 8 pm and Thursdays at 10:30 am.

- Recovery Inc.: This is a self-help group for persons with nervous disorders and fears. Meetings are every Monday at 11:30 am.

- Westover After Care Program: Meets Wednesdays at 12 noon and at 6:30 pm.

- Relapse Prevention: Quintin Warner House holds a Relapse Prevention Group meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Dundas St. Centre from 10:30 to 11:30 am.  These meetings are open to the public.  Please contact Quintin Warner House for more info (see above).

- Girl Guides:  Rangers and Pathfinders meet Thursdays at 7 pm.  For more information contact  the Girl Guides of Canada website ( Girl Guides of Canada )   or call 1-800-565-8111.

Choir and Choral Scholarships

The Dundas St. Centre United Church Choral Scholarship Program
The Lottie Brown and the Alan & Jean Coote Choral Scholarships)

The Lottie Brown Choral Scholarship originated in 1996 as a community outreach initiative by church member Mrs. Lottie Brown and as a project celebrating the 150th anniversary of Dundas Street Centre United Church.  In the year 2000, an second endowment, also in support of the choral scholarship programme at the church,  was created with funds generously donated by Dr. Alan Coote and his wife Jean.  Both endowments are administered by the London Community Foundation. Interest from the endowments and contributions to the local Choral Fund from private individuals and from the Choir have been used to grant scholarships to 25 voice students since 1997, with six being awarded in the 2006-2007 year.

The first choral scholarship, valued at $600, was awarded to Mr. Kris Biernacki, a baritone studying at the Faculty of Music (The University of Western Ontario). Since that time scholarships have been awarded to all voices but predominantly to sopranos. A choral scholar currently receives $1500 ($1800 for senior level scholars) and is expected to attend all weekly rehearsals and worship services from the first week in October until the middle of April. The scholars report to the Music Director and funds are awarded in four installments, directly to private voice teachers or to the scholars themselves if they are registered in voice at Western. Many opportunities are provided for solo and small ensemble singing in addition to choral performance.

- Choral scholars for  2019-2020.   This year our scholars are Daniela Castellon, a recent graduate of Western University;  Hannah Nickel, a graduate student in Voice at Western University: Emma Battel, a third-year Voice student at Western; and Hannah Byrne-Wolfson, a first year Voice student from Western.  If you are interested in becoming a future choral scholar at our church, please read the following paragraph.

- How to apply for a scholarship.  Applicants must have sight-singing skills and be registered for voice lessons.  Scholarships are open to all voice students but priority will be given to university, college and high school students.  More information can be found at: ChoralScholarAd2019.pdf  

Interested individuals should contact the church regarding the submission of a resume and the scheduling of an audition (Please call 519-434-9173 or send an email to  Subject: choral scholarship).  An award is made based on the recommendation of the Choral Scholarship Selection Committee.  Applications are accepted throughout the year.



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