WORSHIP service Dec 24 2023

ourth Sunday of Advent. Communion.

Church organ and choir loft (photo courtesy of D. Cuppels)

Service led by Rev. wendy noble


Below is a shortened version of the live Sunday service,
which had more music and prayers and a social time before and after.

Prelude:  The Blue Madonna by J. J. Niles, 1948.  Text: Medieval Folk Tale (adapt.). Sung by Nancy Quinn, soprano.  Norman Abbott, piano.    

WE GATHER to worship:

--Acknowledging the Territory:

For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have lived and journeyed on this land, weaving their identity and their spirituality intimately with the land. We acknowledge and respect the  Anishinaabe (the Ojibwe or Chippewa Nation), the Haudenosaunee (the Iroguois, and the Oneida Nation), the Lenape (the Delaware People), the Attawandaron (the Neutral Nation or Algonquin People) and the Wendat (Huron People) who loved and cared for this land.  May we grow into living with respect on this land, seeking reconciliation through peace and friendship with our Indigenous neighbours, while honouring their Indigenous ancestors who cherished this land.  We pray for the Holy Spirit to breathe healing, justice, hope, and compassion into all our relations.

--Introit: The Wexford Carol. Tradit. English. Sung by James Traquair, tenor, and accompanied by N. Abbott, piano.

--Advent Candle Lighting Liturgy.

--Hymn: O Come, O Come Emmanuel (VU1)

--Call to Worship, Opening Prayer, The Lord's Prayer

--Hymn: Joy to the World (VU59)


--Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-7

--Ministry of Music I:

           * Lo, How a Rose Upspringing by M. Praetorius.  Sung by the church choir. 
           * Born Is a Babe by R. Schumann.  Sung by Nancy Quinn, soprano, and  N. Abbott, tenor.

--Reflection 1: Rev. Noble

--Hymn and Gospel Reading: O Come, All Ye Faithful (VU60) with Luke 2: 1-20.

--Reflection II: Rev. Noble

--Hymn: While Shepherds Watched (VU75, v1-4)


--Communion Prayers

--Hymn: While Shepherds Watched (VU75, v5-6)

--Prayers of the People

--Offertory Ministry of Music:

           *There Were Shepherds Abiding in the Field from the Pastoral Opening of Messiah by F. Handel.
Performed by N. Quinn, soprano, accompanied by N. Abbott, piano.
           * O Lamb of God by E. Markham Lee. Sung by J. Traquair, tenor, and Mitch Rowat, baritone,
           accompanied  by N. Abbott, piano.

--Offertory Response (VU93) and Prayer

--Reflection III: Rev. Wendy Noble

--Ministry of Music II:

           Sing Gloria by K. Davis.  Sung by the church choir. Accompanied by N. Abbott, piano.


--Lighting the Christ Candle

--Hymn VU67: Silent Night







Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-7


Ministry of Music I:



Reflection 1:


Hymn 60 and Readings from Luke: 


Reflection 2:



Prayers of the People:



Offertory Ministry of Music:




Reflection 3:




Ministry of Music II (Sing Gloria)




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